Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

For the authors of accepted papers, please follow the steps below to submit your final manuscript by September 20, 2020 and read carefully the procedures for preparing for the virtual conference in :

List Accepted Papers

  1. Development of Taxation Application for Startup Based on Cloud Computing Following MSMEs Tax Regulation by Supardianto; Ridi Ferdiana; Selo Sulistyo
  2. The Impact of Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Demographic Factors on Student Ethics by Nanik Lestari; Tri Indriyani Sucipto
  3. Students Satisfaction in Using Mobile Learning at Higher Educational Institution by Asri Safrinawati; Mega Mayasari
  4. Determinants of Non Performing Loan on Bank in Indonesia by Yulia Permata Sari; Muhammad Zaenuddin
  5. Effect of Tax Planning on Financial Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia by Elisabeth Cindy Laurencia; Diah Amalia
  6. Effect of Liquidity on Profitability by Yanshanti Agusfina; Sinarti
  7. Effect of Investment, Trade Openness and Labor Force on Economic Growth by Adi Irawan Setiyanto; Resti Ayu Ningsih
  8. The Differences Between Budget and Its Realization on Scanner Engineering PT Epson Batam by Dwi Amelia Putri; Seto Sulaksono Adi Wibowo
  9. The Effect of Country of Origin on Chinese Smartphone Purchase Intention by Rika Yolanda; Anjelina Anjelina
  10. The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Cost of Debt by Suryani Oktavia; Anjelina Anjelina
  11. Analysis of Debt Effect on Profitability of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia by Diana Ningsih; Doni Putra Utama
  12. The Effect of Financial Constraints on Cash Tax Savings by Arni Yulvia; Wika Arsanti Putri
  13. The Effect of Ease of Use, Perceived Value, Learning Climate and Interaction on Student's Satisfaction of Blended Learning Methods by Ayu Rosmiwati; Muhammad Ramadhan Slamet
  14. Analysis of Corporate Bankruptcy and Financial Statement Fraud Prediction Using Altman Models and Beneish Models by Cut Annisa Selanda; Afriyanti Hasanah
  15. Analysis of Factors That Influence Someone Motivation in Applying for Jobs by Angel Veby Hereance Ririhena; Irsutami
  16. Urgency of Character Building and Student Communication Ethics via Social Media by Rosmida; Nur Anita
  17. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia by Antony Cang; Doni Putra Utama
  18. Use of Mobile Banking in the Milenial Generation of Batam City by Chania Rosalini; Afriyanti Hasanah
  19. An Analysis of Financial Literacy Level on Participants in the Polibatam Capital Market School Cooperation Between Indonesia Stock Exchange and PT Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia Batam Branch by Sonny Gunawan; Muhammad Ramadhan Slamet
  20. Implementation of Financial Management and Financial Accounting Standard Number 69 Concerning Agricultural Atvillage-Owned Enterprises by Teguh Widodo; Suharyono
  21. Transition to Sharia System as A New Banking Trend from Bank and Customer Perspectives by Danar Irianto; Pradipta Trudiyanti; Kurnia Widaningsih; Yunestia
  22. Board Political Connection Effect on Downward Earnings Management by Arniati; AnAn Chiu; Shaio Yan Huang
  23. The Effect of Price, Promotion, and Location to the Interest of Tourist to Revisit Banten Lama by Fiesty Utami; Edy Arisondha; Tri Wahyudi
  24. Motion Graphics as a Marketing Promotion Media of Livi Angjaya Mandiri Company by Afdhol Dzikri;
  25. Purchase Intention of e-Payment: The Substitute or Complementary Role of Brand, Sales Promotions, and Information Quality by Mutiara Ramadanty ; Dwi Kartikasari
  26. Analysis of Viral Marketing and Customer Experience Influence on Purchasing Decisions Through E-Commerce Shopee by Agon Septhi ; Rahmat Hidayat
  27. Analysis of Womenpreneur Activity and Women's Business Motivation to Business Competence and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Batam City by Shinta Wahyu Hati; Ely Kartikaningdiyah; Rahmat Hidayat; Fedia Restu
  28. The Effect of Human Resource Management Practices in Implementation of Industry 4.0 on Employee Performance (Case Study in A Company in Batam City) by Famela Nandita ; Winanda Wahana Warga Dalam
  29. Analysis of Online Marketing Strategy Formulation in Rananta Store Batam by Yulinda ; Ardella Shafira; Morgan Kindler
  30. Creation and Analysis of Company Profile Video Using Motion Graphic Method to Increase Brand Awareness of Local Newspaper: A Case Study by Endina Oktavianti ; Condra Antoni
  31. Analysis of Tripadvisor Acceptance in Indonesia Using Technology Acceptance Model 2: Case Study of e-Ticketing in Solid Travel Consumers by Rizki Annisa Putri ; Dwi Kartikasari
  32. The Effect of Soft Skills and Accounting Training on Employee Performance by Fitry Pratiwi ; Afriyanti Hasanah
  33. Customer Experience in Call Centre Services ATB Based on Kano Model by Nindy Awaliyah Putri ; Maryani Septiana
  34.  Design of Information Systems for Administration to Support Business Process in the Shipping Company at PT BSP by Pril Anjani ; Shinta Wahyu Hati
  35. Analysis of Sweetpeasbabynkids Customers Using JNE Logistics Services and J&T Express at Shopee by Nur Annisa ; Shinta Wahyu Hati
  36. The Effect of Security, Information Availability, Delivery, Quality, Price and Time on Online Shopping Consumer Satisfaction by Natasya Novialetha ; Muhammad Ramadhan Slamet
  37. Analysis of Factors That Influence the Performance of Freight Services in Air Transportation Services at Batam Hang Nadim Airport Cargo by Fitria Wahyuni ; Bambang Hendrawan
  38. The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence Towards the Understanding Level of Accounting by Ade Rahmad ; Riri Zelmiyanti
  39. Effect of Service Failure on Ferry Passenger Switching Behavior: The Role of Dissatisfaction by Shania Melinda ; Sri Zuliarni
  40. Analysis of Marketing Communication Strategies in Increasing the Number of Advertisers by Eka Sri Agustina ; Aditya Wirangga
  41. The Mediating Role of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Wealth Maximisation by Farah Diyana Abdul Aziz; Suresh A/L Ramakrishnan
  42. Adaption Agile Project Management Methodology in Alteration and Addition Work - Study Case 105 Years Hotel Doulos Phos by Prastiwo Anggoro
  43. Analysis of Consumer Preferences in Using Shopee Application with Conjoint Method by Mutia Ryantika ; Rahmat Hidayat
  44. The Effect of User Experience and Quality of Products on Customer Loyality of Products Guna Bhakti Credit in PT. Bank BJB Branch Batam by Mardiana; Maryani Septiana
  45. Marketing Channel and Margin Analisys of Grouper in Pulau Terong, Belakang Padang District, Batam by Karmila Karmila ; Shinta Wahyu Hati
  46. Road User Attitude and Road Safety by Rusda Irawati ; Zulkifli Khair
  47. The Effect of Career Path and Internal Communication on the Motivation and Performance of Employees by Ema Y P ; Maryani Septiana
  48. Overall Ranking of the Most Influential Causes and Impacts of Variation Orders in Arab Construction Projects by Nehal Elshaboury; Youssef Mohamed; Ahmed Elsaid
  49. Analysis Strategy for Agro Tourism Business Development in Temiang-Batam in the Era of Disruption by Maysi Murni ; Sri Zuliarni
  50. Web-Based Writing Assessment to Enhance Students' English Writing Performance by Erikson Togatorop
  51. Investment and Unemployment Reduction: An Empirical Study of Indonesia Using Panel Data Regression by Bahrul Nasution; Adelia Christine Br. Tarigan; Sri Indriyani Siregar
  52. The Utilization of A Valid Rubric to Improve High School Students' Real-World Problem-Solving Skills in STEM Education by Andinisa Rahmaniar
  53. Perception of Tertiary Vocational Students on Developing English Speaking Skills Through Live vs. Recorded Presentation by Arta Siahaan; Yosi Handayani; Satriya Bayu Aji
  54. Plastic Diet in Batam State Polytechnic Students as an Effort to Implement Green Accounting by Nia Pardede; Adi Irawan Setiyanto

Final Manuscript Submission Instructions

  • Please make sure the formatting of your paper follows the Scitepress style template.
  • You are not required to transfer copyright of your manuscript as the copyright will be transferred collectively for the whole proceedings